Mustard Seed Faith

I have been in Al-Anon for 25 years now. I think every thing I ever have written has been influenced by that program. By now counting the things I have posted to “ and the things I lost when my original website was hacked I have posted more than 1000 posts.

Today I am thinking about one specific thing that happened between me and my first Al-Anon sponsor Elsa. I was at my Sunday Noon meeting in Long Beach CA when it happened.

I was very low in spirit that day. I almost never tried to talk to Elsa my sponsor after a meeting because she always had so many people gathered around her. On this particular day I got into the group gathered around her.

I said Elsa I am in the basement digging holes today and I don’t know what to do. Then Elsa said “Give me a percentage today of your faith” I said ” I am only a 2% man of faith right now”. She said ” That is your ‘Mustard Seed’ faith. You go out and move a few mountains and you will feel better”.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen if all of us mustard seeders would pray regularly to stop this horrid disease that is pounding us all. Right now. I think that is something worth doing all of us together.

I have another Elsa story that I love. Once again the normal crowd of people had gathered her after the meeting on Sunday. You need to know Elsa was a very small woman. She was a little taller than 5 ft and weighed in the neighborhood of 100 pounds.

At the time my niece lived on a horse big farm in the horse farm country of Northern Virginia. Her farm had two small lakes on it and my nice niece was a marvelous cook.

At that time I had left the last mission at which I had worked. I needed to find a job. I said “Elsa I think I should skip going to my nieces farm and hunt for a job”.

Elsa said ” George, if you don’t go back to Virginia and enjoy that farm I am going to have to hire someone to kill you”, The whole crowd of people around Elsa burst into loud laughter. I went to Virginia and had a great time.

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