A Birth Miracle

I remember a time years ago when my wife became pregnant with our fourth child. We were elated at the news but I was worried about where I was going to get the money to pay for the birth expenses

I was in college and we were fine financially but we seldom had any spare cash. The same day we realized we were expecting again we went to Sunday evening church and announced that we were expecting.

I did not mention to our church brothers that we were concerned about finances but the church folks knew our situation and probably and guessed that financing the birth was a problem. One of our church friends was a woman named Betty.

A week or so later Betty came to visit us at home. We loved Betty and knew her to be a wonderful woman of God. We had talked pleasantly for a while. Then Betty said “My Jesus told me I was to pay for the birth expenses. We were so relieved and wondered joyfully at her generosity.

After a few weeks we started to worry again. We thought “I wonder what she meant”? Did she mean just the hospital expense? What about the doctors bill”? somewhere in the midst of our worry Betty knocked on our door for the second time. She said “I want every bill involved. If you need a bottle of aspirin pass the expense on to me I want every single bill without exception”.

We did exactly as she had told us. When we gave her our bills Betty received them joyfully and paid for the expense. To us the whole experience of giving Betty our bills was wonderful. She was just lovely about it. Finally our baby was born. The baby was our fourth daughter, our beloved and beautiful JoAnna.

After Jo was a month or so old Betty came over to visit us. She held JoAnna making Jo display her incredible baby smile. Then while still holding Jo she said to JoAnna. I guess you are old enough now to tell them our secret.

She said ” Paying for this baby has been the most wonderful faith journey I have ever had. When you brought me the bills I never had the money you needed. But each time I had to pay the bill Jesus had seen to it that I had the money I needed”.

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