Wonderful Sibs

A niece of mine VW in Hawaii made an observation that enlightened me. She pointed out that me and my siblings managed to turn out as loving caring people. I have written and shared many times how working with my Higher Power I turned my suffering into emotional and spiritual gain but my nice niece pointed out that all my siblings also turned out to be loving people despite their very rough beginnings. I will now introduce my siblings to you.

Evelyn was an absolute Gilbraltar for me. It isn’t just that she did wonderful things but it was also that for her, doing good for people was a way of life. Loving behavior was a presuppositional basic value.

I am a male. That is foundational for me.I never say since I am male how should I phrase this idea or express myself as a male. I come to expressing myself as a male automatically as Evelyn does good, kind deeds automatically.

Ruby was Evelyn’s just younger sister. Ruby was the hospitality queen of our family. When I think of Ruby I think of her characteristic phrase. That phrase was “Let’s make a cake”. Hospitality was her reaction when anyone walked in her door.

David was my rock. He was in Korea when my father shot himself with my gun. When David came home he understood how devastated I was. and undertook being my substitute father. His commitment to me was complete. For example, when he invited a woman on a date the woman had to clearly understand I was coming on her date too.

Judi was the queen of fun. A few months back my oldest daughter Gina recalled how the other girls in our family loved going to see Judi.

She had one of the first machines that would show a movie at home. The one movie Judi had was “The Sound Of Music”. My girls played that one movie over and over again. In the end my daughters would recite the dialog in the movie from memory as they watched the movie.

Judi’s husband only wanted soup for his dinner. I would go over to Judi’s and make endless pots of soup which Judi would freeze. That meant the family dinner was all prepared for two or three weeks in advance. That meant Judi and I would spend our visits playing. No need to worry about cooking

The Baby of the family was Ruthie. Let me be plain. I worshiped her. I thought she was the most beautiful thing God had ever made.I showed her off at school, at church and while I was shopping and every other place I went. Ruthie is in her seventies now and I am 81 now. Nothing has happened in the last seventy years or so to change anything. She is still my adored baby sister.

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