What I Learned Today At Al-Anon

  1. A lovely woman at the meeting shared she was worried about her son. She knew he had been on the street for awhile. I learned that My love for street people was so important in several ways I had not considered.
  2. I was raised in a way that caused me to fear God was the great spear thrower. One night after I had been necking with my girlfriend I drove home afraid that God was going to cause me to have a wreck.
  3. Another time after a period of being aroused by an hour with my girlfriend something else happened. I seldom locked my car. I worked as a janitor in the evening and got off about 11:00 PM. Unbeknownst to me a middle aged man was asleep in the back seat. Going north the 395 Freeway the man awoke and sat up. I was scared and startled. I went off the freeway and let the man out at a safe place. My internal reaction was that this was a sign that god was warning me that if I didn’t straighten up God was going to send someone to beat me up. Now looking back if God was sending me a sign at all it would have been a prophecy that I would end up helping the homeless.
  4. When i shared at the meeting I had seen a new slant on thing. I not only was loving street people all those decades I was also giving worried parents knowledge that there were lots of people like me looking out for the people like her son adrift on the street. There may well have been trouble makers on the street but God was there too just as concerned about her boy. I was betting on God not the thugs. The woman and I had an ever so sweet a hug after the meeting. A wonderful Al-Anon friend gave me the term “Love Bomb”. The woman and I were definitely hit by a love bomb when we hugged.
  5. I also learned something I hadn’t realized while I was going through it until 6 and 1/2 hour s ago. Somehow when I began to know the pain homeless people endure I understood that talking to them about going to Hell was a ludicrous idea. As I was learning that about the homeless as was also learning it about me. Guilt, fear and shame was driving me into the arms of self destruction not the loving heart of God

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