My Girls

I have four sisters, four daughters and four granddaughters. I was created as a good dad to girls and I was created to love them as babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults. People have suggested to me that I am unfortunate because I will never know what it is to have a son. I responded to them they will never know what it is to have four daughters.

However, as it happened, I do have sons. My girls grew up so wonderfully well that they married lovely and very responsible men. In that way I have gotten my sons. A day or two ago I told my local son that technically he is my son-in- law but in reality he is my son. I could say that to all of my lately gained sons. They are all sterling men whom I love deeply, respect and enjoy.

I got to see all of my girls born except my second born Jill. We moved to Long Beach California from the DC area while my wife was pregnant with her so I could not do all the necessary preparations so I could witness her birth.

Jill was the only one being born that night at the hospital so they piped her birth sounds into the waiting room where I heard her first cry. Before long after her birth she was in the nursery and I could see her. I stood by the nursery window and was enchanted by her beauty. In my mind I stood there for an hour more or less. When I left the viewing window I looked at my watch and realized I had stood there over three hours.

While they were growing I was warned saying “They are fine now but wait until they are in the terrible threes or preteens or teenagers and so on. The dire years never came. I enjoyed them all every day and played with them in rowdy games on the living room floor virtually every night all those growing up years.

While they were growing up i spent many leisure hours imagining how much I would enjoy them when we were talking together adult to adult. I loved my imaginary adult to adult conversations but I grossly underestimated the pleasure I would have talking to them when they were fully grown.

I have a badly broken relationship with one of my adult children. I miss her every day. I do not hammer myself for all the mistakes I made I with her as her dad. I can say that despite all my mistakes my girls have never experienced a day when I did not love them with all my heart.

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