The Best News 2

God loves me as I am today even though I have yet to accept that I am the new creature the Bible insists I am. I am only asked to work with God in order surrender my self to him

There are no stairs for me to climb. No ladders for me to go up. God created me the way he wanted me. All He asks is I allow him to remove from me all the toxic attitudes about me that I have been taught and learned.

In the 90’s instead of resolutions I made up slogans That said what I wanted to be my theme for that year. For example “Joy galore in 94” or “Come alive in 95”. The year I prayed for joy I did not get instantly more joyous. Instead the Holy Spirit began to reveal and deal with all the things about my personality that blocked the flow of joy that was in my true self. In 96 when I prayed to come alive, God and I tried to surrender all the death dealing aspects of my personality as god revealed them. For 22 years I have dealt with my anger so I could more clearly be the loving man I actually am by creation. I learned that what god reveals God heals.

I have learned a new way to spell toxic. It is “Talk Sick” All the talk sick things I have been taught and agreed to about myself had to go.

I was born about a month before I was expected. My Mom and her family were out shopping for the things they needed for the baby shower they were giving anticipating my birth. While they were shopping my Mom went into labor. I was born on July 27th. My family didn’t tell all their friend I had been born. Before the shower began they put me in the bassinet

As women came in they were asked to put their gifts in the bassinet. They were all so surprised to see baby George peacefully lying in his bed. all the women picked me up too love me they felt the truth about me.To them I was pure, sweet sinless and wonderful.

I was not born with emotional, spiritual defects.Those things were taught to me later. Now what God wants is to move me ever so carefully back toward the wholeness and beauty of the newborn George Caywood

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