George’s Chair

Andy and I began to get to know each at an Al-Anon meetying we both attend on Monday mornings in Huntington Beach a year or two ago. I tend to share at the meetings often and Andy less often.

I am 81 years old now. Leading a meeting these days is a strain for me. It is much better for me if someone helps by sharing the responsibility. I asked Andy to help md and shme graciously agreed. She actually ran the meeting and at the right time she asks me to share for my 10 minutes. We worked together that way from time to time.

I have a sore back and folding chairs are painful for me. I have been attending that meeting for many years. My friend Tom performs the duty each week of re-arranging the meeting room to fit our meeting. He does that every week every week of the year unless he can not attend the meeting because he is traveling or for some other reason cannot attend.

Because of my back Tom sets up an rolling office chair for me. All the other 40 or so attendees go along with me getting special treatment. In fact that chair has affectionally been known as George’s cvhair
Georges chair

When Andy started helping me out she began sitting next to “George’s Chair in a folding chair. As time went by we became very close friends. It happens that us sitting next to each other as developed so that became part of an accepted arrangement. Tom sets up my chair in the best location for me so I can easily be heard. Andy and I are very close friends by now. For a time if I got to the meeting first I would save her chair. Soon that seating arrangement has become a fixture

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