My Recovery Story

Years ago, when I was CEO of Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles I was a very unhappy man. However, I did not realize how unhappy I was because I had always been that unhappy. I had nothing to which I could compare my unhappiness.

The other day I told a good friend “I did not even know enough about serenity to know I did not have it. I had many people I called my friends but compared to the friendships I have now I only had acquaintances.
I thought I could read people’s mind. The mere fact that I was never right never troubled me. I had no ability to recognize I was never right because I felt if I couldn’t read minds I had no hope of staying safe in this world.

Because of my job I traveled around a good bit. I spoke to people from my heart because I wanted to bless them. They felt touched by what I had to say. Maybe they were helped by me because they were even worse off than me.

I am a very serene and happy man today. When asked a question like” How are you doing George”? I answer I am happy.
In April I will celebrate my 25th year in Al Anon. My recovery out of my unhappiness I owe in large measure to that Fellowship. I am a very grateful man.

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