Using Imagination……Years ago I had a spiritual advisor named Warren. He was widely versed in ancient Christianity. Because I was relatively ignorant in the old ways he was very helpful and refreshing to me. For example we attended a Greek Orthodox weekend retreat. where very old forms were embedded in the services.

We met in a canyon park so the setting was beautiful and. relaxing for me, We met for about a year and a half .The weather was almost always nice as we were in Southern California.

After our Bible study and meditation we talked for awhile. It was such a pleasant time of fellowship.

One time he gave me an assignment. He wanted me to to use my imagination and come up with a picture of a life I would love. The next time we met I told him I just couldn’t do it because I just did not have a good enough imagination. The reason was because my mind worked best in a sequential way. He said not to worry and we went on talking.

After awhile he said he felt God had shown him a picture of the way my life was going to which my life was going move . I was surprised because I would never have expected him to say anything like that.

He said God wanted me to prepare myself for what was coming toward me. I was going to lose my job and end up really strapped for money My four daughters were going be frightened by our finances. Also I had some developing health problem

.He went on talking that way getting ever more scary, I kept saying to myself in near panic words “Why is he saying these things to me”?

Finally he said “George,” I have been talking BS. What I said was false in ever way it could be false. I wanted you to see that you have a powerful imagination . You are just using it in only a negative way. Why don’t you teach yourself that you can trust God to be with you to see you through to safety, Bad things do happen but as Jesus said “Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”


For example, When the mission fired me I thought it was a terribly unfair, and bad thing that had happened to m. However, from the viewpoint I have now with all the blessings leaving the Mission brought to me I sometimes feel I should go to the Mission and give all those people that pushed me out of my job a big hug.

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