Our One Job

It is my opinion that Christians are only asked by God to be an open window through which the love of God can flow. If we do that we can as St Paul says “Bring down strongholds of evil’ Again as Jesus says in John, if we are loving to each other the world will know He is from the Father and that we are His disciples.

Judging the sins of the world like gay marriage or abortions is not our job. It is not our job to create political power for Christianity. That is obvious to me since that idea gave us Trump.

A few months ago I went back east to help my sister Evelyn. She was nearly 90 and somewhat out of touch with reality. To me, she had always been my anchor through all the terrors of my boyhood. I asked my kids how on earth was I going to be able to handle that.

They said your job is not to give her back her customary powers. My job was just to love her. Doing that was so easy for me. There was no more fear in my heart because I was not trying to do a job God had not given me to do. Instead I was being asked to do what I loved to do for Evelyn.

Also I think we are hopelessly over matched by our job of preaching the gospel if it is not preached on a foundation of genuine love.Campus Crusade is an organization fully committed to preaching the gospel.

I once asked some one hundred or so people at Campus Crusade this. “What if as you went out to preach in San Bernardino and you found that churches had seen to it there were no hungry people and no widow’s homes that were in poor repair, how would your soul winning go.” Every one of the Campus Crusade people let out a loud, long sigh of longing

I do not mean acting like we love people so we can tell them the 4 laws. That comes across as pure hypocrisy. If our message is hypocritical it is no wonder it is ignored, it dishonest. We must preach against a background of true Christian love. That is our only job. After that is praying for a knowledge of God”s will and the power to carry it out. Jesus said “Love the Lord thy God with all you heartrand your neighbor as yourself. On this all the commandments are built.

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