My Recovery Program

The 12 Steps……I well remember the first time I really read the 12 Steps. The mission had given me the responsibility create an alcohol recovery program. I knew that I knew nothing in terms of helping skidrow men achieve sobriety. I also knew the reputation of the AA program. The International Union of Gospel Missions, … More My Recovery Program

A Blessed Day

I feel so blessed. I had to return a gift I bought earlier. We got to talking pleasantly. One of the women at the checkout stand asked me how I earned my living before retirement. I told her I worked at Union Rescue Mission in LA. I went back to the business of returning my … More A Blessed Day

My Heavenly Mom

I have written here many times about the struggle I had growing up with my mom. Turns out there is many more wonderful things to add to the story. About six months ago I decided to radically commit myself to the program slogan “Let go and let God” That is in its own an amazing … More My Heavenly Mom


It seems to me, that before I got serious about recovery that my life was characterized by choices between unacceptable alternatives. I frequently felt like I just did not have good choices.When I began working seriously on my recovery within a program, it seems to me my life was characterized by having to choose between … More Choices