Thoughts About The 12 Steps

I have only some things I sometimes think about when I consider the 12 Steps. The steps teach me to come to God as I undertand Him.

I like Genesis better. In Genesis we are made like God Male and Female. That suggests to me that every wonderful thing I have noticed in every wonderful woman I have ever known is as much like God the same as every wonderful man I have ever known.

If the OT said both men and women were made in God’s image it would have triggered things out of other religions where a male god and a female got together sexually and created every thing that is. The way Genesis tells us very clearly that God is all that is wonderfully female and male w/o moving into the realm of destructive ancient religions.

Next I think that I came to God as I misunderstood her/him. Besides that, I think we all come as we understand him and then learn and learn all our lives the wonders of God as God is. One pastor I love here in LA once said “If I am trying to catch a train and I am late I get on any car and then move to the right car once I am aboard.

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