My Heavenly Mom

I have written here many times about the struggle I had growing up with my mom. Turns out there is many more wonderful things to add to the story.

About six months ago I decided to radically commit myself to the program slogan “Let go and let God” That is in its own an amazing adventure that I will share another time. This time I want to share about being mothered by God.

On TV and in things I read and I have seen and heard about the wonderful mothers who have so blessed their children. When that happens I have frequently felt leftout. I am any thing but left out thanks to the love of my friends like you and family have showered on me. Still I have felt lonely for my own mom.

As I explored “Let go and let God: I have learned how wonderfully I have been fathered by God. When I began exploring that slogan I was letting go to my Heavenly Father. What I gratually found out is all my life God has also been my Heavenly Mother. That seems so obvius now but I did not have the faith eyes to see it.

I did not know that I “Let go and let God” I was turning my life over to my Heavenly Mom too. Believe me My Heavenly Mom jumped right in through the opening. I know there is only one God for sure but I had never learned that God is The Great “I Am” . God is showing me that God Is ‘I AM’. I am your Heavenly Mother as surely as He is my Heavenly Father.

What a discovery that has been for me. I do not feel like a “Motherless Child” any more. Still I know God wants to help me understand this at an evermore deeper level for all my time to come.

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