Don’t Fence Me In

I have a friend named Lini. For months we kept in contact by phone. We live 3000 miles apart. We have never met in person. The message to me from al those scores of conversations is as direct in it’s own way as if we were together or meeting for coffee or something.
I am so blessed by all that empiricism has brought to me including this computer but I do not believe my knowledge needs to be restricted and limited by things I learn though the scientistic method.
One time I was working though something with God. I had never mentioned the issue to Lini. The next time we talked she said that she had had a thought a few days before and she wanted to share her idea with me.
As it happened, the time when she had her thought for me was exactly the time i was asking God for an answer. Her thought was exactly what I needed.
You know something? I was even surprised. That my thought went from me to my higher power, from my higher power to Lini and from lini back to me seemed so ordinary because of the depth of the conversations we had had were so natural month after month.
I am thinking of a song I loved as a boy; “Don’t fence me in”.

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