Accepting Love

Feeling steady Love…..There is a huge difference between feeling loved and feeling I am lovable. If I have to have your love to feel I am OK then I tend to people pleaser. My neediness gobbles down the love and praise from you and then I have to look for more. I have to have my … More Accepting Love

A Sabbath Rest

A Sabbath Rest…..A great friend of mine recently shared this thought.” I am Giving myself permission to take the weekend off. That remark triggered a response in me. For most of my life I thought that the solution to any problem was to try harder. In fact a group of family and friends were playing … More A Sabbath Rest

Turning It Over

One of my frustrations in my early days of working my Al-Anon program was I turned thing over to god then nearly immediately I reclaimed my problem and made it mine again. Then I turned it over again and so on over and over again. I asked my program friends about the problem and sought … More Turning It Over


In the past I sometimes confessed the same sin dozens of times and maybe sometimes I even re-confessed a sin a hundred times. I tried to confess until the bad feeling in my gut went away. Partly, that happened because I did not know that there is two meanings for the word guilt’ The first … More Confession