Growing Old

I have begun to make promises to my kids that they will not have to face me being hostile when the time comes for me to have to give up housekeeping. I trust that they will not have to force me to move to a care home. \

For one thing, I have very good insurance so I can have a quality facility. I also know that theyn will help me stay in my home safely.

I do not want them to have to worry about me and I am not afraid of moving to a care faciity. I have tried to help needy people all my life. For example my career was working at Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles. Helping needy elderly folks will seem natural to me.

I know I can make a care facility work for me. To the extent it is problematic for me the girls will help me work things out. I know they will.

On the other hand if their was a tragedy that meant they had to go to a care facilty I will help them be at peace about it. They know I will.

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