A Sabbath Rest

A Sabbath Rest…..A great friend of mine recently shared this thought.” I am Giving myself permission to take the weekend off. That remark triggered a response in me. For most of my life I thought that the solution to any problem was to try harder. In fact a group of family and friends were playing a game together. I had drawn a card that gave each player the obligation to say what they wanted on their tombstone.

With no thinking it over I said “I want my tombstone to read ‘He really tried”. What happened to “He really enjoyed his life?” The odd thing is just as I was writing about enjoying my life I felt a vague guilt.That does serious damage to scripture. For example “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. Another verse is “Rejoice evermore”. Also it is significant that most Christians I grew up with would have preferred a version of a gospel song that said “He turned the wine into water”. {See prohibition and the WCTU”}.

I have learned so much from my friends Alec and Mina. I told Mina a few weeks ago that I had had so many incredible meals in her home my mouth watered ever time I saw her. A and M love Christmas and throw great parties including a semi- riotous white elephant party.
One time Alec was redoing their bathroom. It involved more problem issues than Alec had imagined when he started.

Alec knew Mina really was hoping that her bathroom would be done soon. He so loved her that he offered to work all one Saturday until it was done. Then offhandedly said Or else we can go to Disneyland.

Mina looked at him for a moment maybe thinking her dear Alec had lost his mind. In a brief moment she recovered her good sense and said in a tone of voice that said the answer to that question is obvious and gave her answer

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