My Mom and I

I have often written that my mom and I had a very difficult time as I grew up. In the everpresent grace of God I am starting to remember some good things about my life with my mom. . For one thing I am remembering how good a cook she could be. One of my … More My Mom and I

Tired Old Lies

Powerful Old Lies…..When I have been the hospital the nurses checked my vital signs day and night. Vital signs are so called because they are so important to our health and because they also help the med staff understand that something is wrong and I need service. .I feel the same way about program slogans. … More Tired Old Lies

My Wonderful Dreams

For the last month or so I am having wonderful dreams. I do not remember the specific content except they are all pleasant and involve family members who are with Jesus now.When I wake up I feel they will be here with me in my apartment. One of them that seems especially meaningful is with … More My Wonderful Dreams

As I See It

The following ideas are basic to my serenity……It is hard to live in a world where no one else ever does it right..Sometimes I am like butter. I am on a roll..I do not want to be a wrong finder. I want to be a right finder.Stay on the train, the scenery will change.. I … More As I See It

Who Is She

She is able to enjoy life on her own. She is not afraid to be alone. I love to look at her across a table. I enjoy her she is strong and able. . She can cry to tears and laugh to pee. It is her own will that brings her to me. She loves … More Who Is She