Magic In Ukraine

Right now we are locked in a situation that is full of danger. The Ukraine is in the middle of a tug of war between Russia and the west. If Russia wins the west loses if the west wins the Russians lose.

The problem is that the Russians are never going to leave . After centuries of Not having a warm water port the Russians are not going to give it up. trying to drive them out with armies carries untenable risks of a war like one of the Word Wars.

The ideal situation would be if the Ukrainians and up neither Eastern or Western in focus. In that situation the Russians would keep access to and use of its Crimean port. The Ukrainians could get back most of their eastern territory and the Western Europe would have a very valuable trading partner.

  1. Hitler and the warlike government of Japan have permanently disappeared into history books.
  2. The Chinese. got rid of the murderess Japanese. In Japans place is the Communist Chinese. I dislike the Communist Government but the economic situation of the bottom 10% of the Chinese population is better fed and educated than ever before in Chinese history,

That could happen because I believe in miracles because I have seen so many since I am 81 years old. Let me list some of the miracles I have seen.

1.The wicked Dictatorships in Germany have vanished into the history books. In their place are the prosperous good citizen nations.

2. The Chinese now have the Communist dictatorships which are far from ideal. However, the economic bottom 10% of the chinese population are better fed and educated that they have ever been In Chinese history.

3. The British empire is gone. That ends the ability of the English to exploit weaker nations from literally around the world.

4 Senator MacArthur and the suffocating commission fighting imaginary communists

5 . Polio has been largely defeated. Aids is finding helpful drugs and is no longer a death sentence.

Any of you could site your own victories like the end of Apartheid in South Africa. The point is when nations and cultures tackle seemingly impossible problems. The same thing could happen in Ukraine if we abandon our winner and loser thinking and our pride and fear and work the miracles God so logs for. “They will beat their swords int plowshares”.

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