The Joy Of My Girls.

When my oldest daughters was a little girl I once gave her a compliment. She said “Is that real or is it just Daddy talk.” I told her it was straight from the heart.

When I was raising my girls I with full sincerity admired them and enjoyed them.
I remember that when we brought JoAnna home form the hospital I was holding her and said “JoAnna I love talking to you now but I can’t wait until we can talk adult.”

I seriously underestimated the pleasure of talking to her when I imagined my baby grown up and talking to me.. The last time she called a few weeks ago I looked at how long we were on the phone when we hung up.. I thought it would be a half hour or 3/4s of an hour. It was somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours. Time just flew by.

Jo is going to call me in a couple of days. What a pleasure that will be.

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