My Mom and I

I have often written that my mom and I had a very difficult time as I grew up. In the everpresent grace of God I am starting to remember some good things about my life with my mom.


For one thing I am remembering how good a cook she could be. One of my favorites she made was her version of Tamale Pie. The other was what she called Goo over Goup. It was a roast beef in gravy over rice.


My memories are coming to understand that my dad’s suicide left her with me and my sisters Judy, Ruth to raise with no money to help . She was overwhelmed by those tough difficulties. Some of the fear she of course had turned to understandable if not justifiable bitterness.


I so look forward to being with her in Heaven. There all her enormous giftedness will be completed with the love of heaven. I have sometimes ask Jesus to carry a message to her to help my mom and I be joined in love before I meet her up there.


Maybe that isn’t a good idea. I don’t know. But I do it because of the powerful drive I have to be in loving mother and son relationship with her right here and right now while I live out my life on this earth. I don’t want to have to wait until I die. It feels like too much time has already passed. I am 81 years old.

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