My Wonderful Dreams

For the last month or so I am having wonderful dreams. I do not remember the specific content except they are all pleasant and involve family members who are with Jesus now.When I wake up I feel they will be here with me in my apartment.

One of them that seems especially meaningful is with my mom. My mom and I have not been close. I have very painful with her. In the dreams we are all tender and sweet.together.

I think the dreams tell me we have totally forgiven each other. We are no longer angry. God knows I have worked hard and consistently on ridding myself of my deep and powerful anger the laast 25 years. I hav e been in Al-Anon for the last twenty five years. I am so grateful for the dreams. If you area praying person please pray for me..

3 thoughts on “My Wonderful Dreams

  1. Hi George,
    This is Mike and Cheryl Brodie. We don’t know if you remember us from Whispering Pines, but we were just talking about you and decided to google your name. It was great to see your blog! We wanted you to know that you left a wonderful impact in our lives and we have been forever grateful. We would love to hear from you. Our email is

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  2. My lack of technical skills has kept me from getting my computer to enter your email into my contacts so far but I will ultimately succeed. I love making contact with you. I am 81 anr have a hard time remembering what I hafd for lunch. Was the time you heard me speak at a retreat for Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Fullerton. I do thik I remember you. My phone is 562-437-3485. I would love to fellowship with you. Love, George


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