living Openly

Many decades ago someone told me if I wanted to feel the love of God I should read the the litle book of 1 John to myself every day for a month. There is a verse in the first Chapter that begins “If You walk in the light”, Near that time I found a verse in James that said Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.. Those two scriptures are well woth you effort to study in detail. What they did for me was to persuade me to learn to be an open person. I have followed that commitment for over fifty years now without regretThere have been times when the result of my openness I have been deeply wounded. I learned to walk through the cross to the resurrection and have wonderfully rewarded. I think if The Father can use the cruel murder of His Son to offer salvation to the world God can use my sufferings that are so much less that the suffering of Jesus to my great advantage. Lately in writing and spoken word about my tendency to be depressed. I am so glad I did. A great artist and I came to an agreement. We agree that my creative writing and her stunning pwer of her art are ours because we have used our mutual youthful pain to fuel the fire we both express in our own ways.One thing I want to say is the people that have responded to me about there own depression are wonderful, caring people I treasure and respect. If you know what it means to be depressed you carry within you an enormous capacity to be great people.
One other thing I want to share is I believe in prayer and medication. Love,George.

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