My Ethics

Random Ideas about the idea of the foundation of ethics is that good is those things that unite people and evil is things that divide people.


I accept, as good for myself is the idea of living by the side of the road and being a friend to man.

My ethics demands that things like child abuse and war are so divisive and destructive That any discussion of ethics has to have them near the top of the list.


The ideas of the two become one in marriage, fellowship is two people in one ship, communion, the idea that people know Jesus is from god and that we are his disciples depends on love and unity in John 14 and other things about love and unity are in the Bible front to back tells me the love and unity are central ideas around which an ethic has to be built

The greatest difficulty for me about ethical living is so often I have to choose between bad and worse and good and better and not bad and good.


. I so appreciate the privilege of asking for a knowledge of God’s will and for the power to carry it out……

All these ideas are so undeveloped. It seems to me given bombs in the mail and Synagogues being shot up, the bitterness that is so dominant in American culture these days suggest to me that a long and humble discussion about our values needs to start somewhere. For me at least any right and wrong that does not build on loving God and each other is dangerous. Any value system that is built around gaining power is dangerous. Maybe we need an abe Lincoln to stir us.

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