Learning Good Things From A Tough Journey

My struggle with depression is mostly eased up now. I learned a great deal during this time. I did a lot of thinking of the troubles as a boy. I remembered and considered again the difficulties I had. I was often hungry and I know what it is to pass out because I was so hungry. My school lunch was frequently white bread and mayonnaise. I hid and ate it because my friends had wonderful looking lunches. I sat in the library and read to pass the time. That was against school policy but the librarians saw my need and allowed it.. When I was fifteen my dad asked me where I kept my gun. I had broken it down and hid the various part in separate places and the bullets in the car. I thought he was worried about my beloved little sisters safety. A week later he assembled the gun and shot himself.I was in my fifties before I completely rid myself . of a sense of responsibility. I could understand at fifty what I ciuld not at fifteen.
I am seen as a gentle man. However, there is a fierceness in my heart too. I fiercely defended the homeless but could not protect my self so relently. I love writing about all the beautiful things I learned crawling out of the pit my youth threw me into. You all have so encouraged me about my writings. You are a vital part of my continued journey to increasing health and serenity. Thank you so much. I will be grateful to you for all eternity. George. .

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