My Pal Ray

My Pal Ray…..Ray was a wise and able supervisor over the mission’s chapel. I have asked him to do extremely challenging assignments I have described in other posts. He took them on with zest and accomplished them beautifully. Originally I met him as a street person and watched him commit himself to God and I saw him totally change over a few months.

The Mission booted me out of my job as President. I was at the time badly hurt. Looking back they did me a great favor because I was committing suicide unknowingly one day at a time. I was too stubborn ever to get myself to leave.

I went down to the chapel to say goodbye to . We both were moved with sorrow about saying goodbye. Before I left he said “I am going to miss your hugs. Every time I needed encouragement you came downstairs and gave me a hug”.

I said Ray you have it backwards. I would sit in my office all worn out. I would say “I know what I will do, I will go down and get a hug form Ray.

We gave each other a beautiful two way hug. If you read this Ray consider yourself hugged .


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