String Of Pearls 2…..Humility

Being humiliated is a terrible thing that has absolutely nothing to do with Humility.

Humility does not deny God’s gifts when they appear in a person’s life. If you sing a wonderful solo humility does not deny it was a good solo.

Humility accepts the praise but in the heart and by words is thankful for the gift God gave you.

If I am thankful I can be happy with the gifts I have without being conceited.

If on a Christmas past I had bought all four of my girls new bicycles it would wound me if they said “Oh, the bikes aren’t really that good.

Nor would I want my girls to think they are better than the neighborhood kds that had parents who couldn’t give such expensive gifts.

I would like them to know in their heart that the bikes were an expression of how much their dad loved and valued them.

And so it is with God. Jesus was thankful the one of the twelve lepers he healed that returned to say thank you.

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