String Of Pearls 1

When I make the bad decision to get involved in a heated argument I am likely to find myself in a situation that means I will soon need to make amends’

If in an argument I defend myself the other person is very likely to feel my self defense is an attack on him.

If I argue with 5 pounds of energy the other person feel the need to take an eight pound response. Sense i feel the others energy level at eight I feel the need to up the emotional level to 12. Then back at forth it goes until the emotional level gets high enough and we are dealing with the aftermath of an explosion in which people are likely to get seriously hurt.

One of the most useful Phrases in program is the quieting idea “You may be right”.

Another thing that has saved me some painful arguments is a need to leave and use the restroom. In the restroom I can settle my emotions, pray and ask God for help and at times I have used the bathroom break to call my sponsor.

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