Playing With The Program Slogan’s Words

I like to take program slogans and translate them into What I actually take from the slogan lesson that helps me. In fact I once wrote a blog post called
“CURSE” which was an attempt at humor based on the Al-Anon program slogans. Here is what CURSE stood for.
Conference Unapproved Reverse Slogans Elucidated.

When I hear the slogan “Think”, I reverse it to say “React”.

. Reacting is so much quicker and much less tiring. Besides reacting creates so much more excitement”

When I apply the slogan “Let go and let God” I take an important piece of it that slogan’s meaning I always need. I pull up from the slogan for my use “
George, you worry too damn much” I like the word Damn because it reminds me of the devils ultimate damnation at the hand of God.. When it comes to all my worrying an old saying applies. “The Devil made me do it.”

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