I remember a time in my life when I was filled with anger. This story is shameful to me but does illustrate my point it happened maybe 25 tears ago at about the same time I began my Al-Anon recovery program.

I had stopped on my way home at a McDonald’s to eat my supper. The line was long. I had a wait quite some time in order to place an order and I was very tired..

At that time Mc’s was offering free coffee refills. Just as I began to place my order a man stepped up, caught the servers attention and asked for his coffee refill. right now as I write this what he did seems reasonable but then I was upset. I soon placed my order and in a bit had my food and went to my table to eat

I was still furious. I sat at my table steaming as I ate my meal. My anger, being well fed By my focus grew and grew. Finally as I started to leave and go home I decided to walk by his table. I had come up with what I considered to be a good way to vent my anger. I decided to fart as I went by his table.

When I got outside I felt foolish and rude. I thought about apologizing but I imagined he had not even noticed. Fortunately, I remembered a meeting nearby that was about to start. I went to the meeting.

There is a famous old saying I have modified in my mind to make it helpful instead of harmful.The saying is “PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS”.

Learning to process my stored anger has been my main job in Al-Anon. Now I love giving and receiving kindness and courtesy. Still I am not done. I want to keep on learning kinness at an ever deeper level. Being kind is a fun way to live. Anger may or may not be justified but kindness is far more fun. A chance to be kind is a valued thing Maybe the place I still need the most help is being kind to my self.

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