A Good Man

Yesterday I went to have Mexican food at a well known local restaurant. I was with really good friends which I enjoyed. While we were eating and chatting I saw a man at a table a few yards from us. He was with his family which was his wife and nearly newborn baby. That family showed me something which will stay with me for many years.

The wife was very beautiful The man was ordinary physically but in his own way was very attractive. The father was holding his baby very tenderly. That left his wife entirely free to enjoy her meal.

That seemed so beautiful to me. It was not that the man was making a big sacrifice. He was very contentedly enjoying his baby and the wife, feeling her husband’s love was laughing and talking.

After awhile the baby needed changing. They went together to go somewhere where the baby could be be helped and came back to the table to finish there meal.

I was reminded of the joy of my family and of raising our four daughters. I also remembered the scripture where St Paul taught us that we are to submit ourselves to each other. Husbands are be to their wives in a manner like Christ submitted himself to the church by dying for them. The wives are to respond by loving the husbands. I wish I had better laid down my life for my wife. It was more common that she graciously gave me her life to help me through the deep agonies of my boyhood,

My new friend found his joy by letting his wife enjoy her meal while he enjoyed her love and the beauty of his child. She offered to him her unbridled love and her happy chatter.

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