Post Democratic Debate Comments

I am very encouraged about politics. First, Two women who had to fight all the stupid male attitudes toward women all women have to fight clearly dominated the debate and it was not even close. Warren would take out Biden and trump in a debate. Warren would take out trump by a death of a thousand cuts and Kamara would blow him out with a bazooka. In addition Cory Booker is decent, smart and every thing else that horrid donald is not.
I suppose Kamara as President, Booker as vice president and Warren in whatever position gives her the best position to tackle the corruption in the financial world is my dream team.
It is also significant that Mayor Pete as the female partner in a open gay relationship is a significant participant in the election. Don’t forget that there are very important Hispanic candidates involved. Also some of the other participants who spoke powerfully and importantly are women. 
It is not a election issue but the sports figure is a pushy arrogant  arrogant manner of speaking is a widely respected and loved national star. In another time and place he very well might have been killed for noy knowing his place. I just love his work. 
On the other hand trump is a happily rude, ignorant, terribly dangerous loud mouthed  bumpkent is adored by his base. When I was younger their was a very famous and influential in Christian circles  supports trump profoundly. I was on his worldwide radio program twice. This man was a support for me when Los Angeles area Christian  who knew my name because I was on the radio multiple times a week on the Broadcast supported by Union Rescue Misson of Los Angeles. I am bewidered that this is our new normal in America. 

One thought on “Post Democratic Debate Comments

  1. It’s as if the evangelicals have been fooled by a false messiah, and are now worshipping a kind of anti-christ. I blame, in part, the “prosperity gospel.”

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