A Fear Based Perspective

 The last few days I have been having a consistent and deeply rooted sense of fear. The fear is not attached to any specific issue.The problem with it being a floating fear is that then it attaches to anything I happen to think about. If I am thinking about money it attaches to money then I am afraid about finances. I am not under financial stress and if I were there are solid ways I could meet that need. However, I live very comfortably.

At this moment I want to do some writing so I am afraid of writing. That is part of the reason I am writing. My fear is disturbing me. I can tell because I am making lots of mistakes in my typing. However, my fears are under the surface. When I expose my fears to the light of day they begin to seem less and less daunting. An Anachronism I like is fear, F alce E vidence A ppearing R eal.

Often when I feel afraid and apply my program to my anxiety I begin to see that my fears have the character of self punishment. Then I can ask why am I punishing myself? Doing that I see that I have slipped back to the old feeling that I am unworthy of the good life. Again that sense of unworthiness can’t stand the light of day. It is disappearing as I type.

Thanks for helping me regain my serenity. I really needed your help.

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