Fear of Death

I have good health and I have a decent appearance for my 80 year age .As is normal for people my age many people I have loved have died. I live in a senior housing facility where death is in my face constantly. I surely do not want to squander the wonderful joys that are in this day b y fearing death

Many years ago one of my therapists suggestd I daily pray the following prayer. “Today is as good a day as any for me to die. If you allow me to live let me live in joy and love”.

‘I have chosen to pray that prayer although not on a daily basis I want to disarm my fear of death. Why destroy all of the joy this day holds by being afraid? I choose life rather than living in denial about dying.

I wrote this this yesterday morning as an exercise in confronting my approaching death so that I could get my fear dealt with. I had a good day.

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