Southern Border Thoughts

I do not think the available strtegies we have to solve the problems with immigration along our border with Mexico are going to help very much . That is because he problem originates in our own country .

That is because our annual market for illicit drugs in this country must run to at least millions or maybe billions dollars. If millions of dollars are stacked on the table in our country and millions in drugs are available in the countries to our south our dollars will speedily travel south.

Larger countries in Latin America south like Columbia are able to some degree to resist the drug suppliers. Therefore it seems it is likely that the drug lords will move there operations to the much less powerful countries of Central America. If the countries there get into the way of the business paths of the drug lords they will get more and more punitive and violent making the small country a severely dangerous place to raise a family.

Therefore good and caring moms and dads begin to realize that any dangers they face on a trip to the US border are less dangerous than staying in their home countries. Thus this migration begin will begin and grow. The families that have migrated from the Middle East and died crossing the Mediterranean are in a very similar situation as we are seeing on our Southern Border.

The base cause of our immigration problems in our country is caused by our massive substance abuse problem. It is not a problem with bad brown skinned people. Those people are doing a desperate but common sense thing. I can only wish that my parents would have done the same for me in the same situation when I was a boy

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