Real Roses

Real Roses….. This was written in 2010 as a letter to a friend

I am looking at my beautiful little display of roses. I have had it about 5 years I think. The uninformed might say that the flowers are artificial, that they are not real. What do they know?

The people who gave them to me have beautiful roses in their back yard. The roses in their yard are so lovely that HP came to live at their house in the form of a beautiful cat. So I know the whole family loves roses.

In the last five years, a friendship has bloomed between me and that family. It is a deep solid, delightful friendship. That is why my roses are real. They have come to represent this friendship which is real beyond my ability to describe. Therefore, the roses are real way beyond the bouquet I brought at the store a few days ago

PS The husband in the family I wrote about above has since passed away. I also lost another good brother last week. It is easy to feel my grief and sorrow and I often do. However it is also easy to remember the privilege of having these two gentlemen as wonderful friends for all these years. Since I believe in Heaven I have that hope too.

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