National Economic Evil

I am an intense follower of Jesus but as far as I am concerned fundamentalism comes down on the wrong side of every ethical issue. The US is in huge debt troubles but the right wing want the poor to pay it off. That is why Paul Ryan et al want to weaken the entitlements that help the poor. It is terrible when Verizon is a 47 Billion dollar corp and pays nearly no tax and Warren Buffett says he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Maybe we should Make the rich people and corps pay 2% on their gross income. That might solve the problem.

There is enough money for us to be a just country. But we can never pay for a just country if we more or less excuse those with the most money from helping out. It could not be more unjust than if we take away the help given the poor in an attempt to avoid disturbing the wealth of the rich. There is a horrifyingly unjust distribution of wealth in this country. Lets not make it worse by reducing the help so badly needed by the poor. The top 2% have to be held accountable.

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