A Heavenly Dream

I have had several dreams given to me from time That have helped me. One of them was about Heaven.

In this vision, I was just outside a structure about the size and dimensions of a high school gymnasium. The building was my heavenly home. It was being prepared for my arrival at some unknowable time in the future.

As I walked into the building, I saw workmen doing various jobs around the interior. When they saw me, they looked at each other with an expression on their faces that said, “What is he doing here already. We are not done yet.”

I just kept walking. In fact, I never stopped walking during the course of the whole dream until I went to sleep as the dream ended.

The ceiling was high. There were large windows that were a few feet apart around the entire room. The windows were about five feet wide and fifteen feet high. There was no glass or screens in any of the windows. That would have been unnecessary. There were no bugs, bad people, or bad weather to keep out.

As I looked out the windows, I saw a beautiful view. My heavenly home was built on a grassy hill out in the country. A half mile or so down the hill, you could see a small valley full of trees. I knew instantly, that a beautiful stream ran through the valley.

There were things displayed between each of the windows that puzzled me. I couldn’t see the displays clearly enough to really see what was on view, but I could see that no two displays were the same. Some were free standing. Some were on tables. There was something displayed between all the windows. As I walked past, The displayed items seemed like enormously ancient antiques.

Suddenly, it hit me. Between each window was a display of items taken from my earthly life by God. Each item represented something I did in my earthly life for which God wanted to thank me. It surprised me that God wanted to thank me.

I knew that from time to time the items would be changed to some other token from this world that God wanted to use to express his eternal gratitude. I was to live in this house, always surrounded by fresh reminders of God’s appreciation of me, my life, and my work. The idea that my Higher Power wanted to thank me surprised me.

Toward the middle of the room there was a grouping of several pieces of overstuffed furniture. Altogether, fifteen or twenty people could have been seated in a very comfortable, intimate, conversational setting.

When I saw how the furniture was arranged, allowing a large number of people to be face to face in close proximity, I said, “Why didn’t I think of that? I am going to remember how to do that so I can do it later at home” When I woke up I could not remember how it was done.

There was a section of the room that was partitioned off. It was not in the center of the room but it was not against one of the walls either. The partitions were more like room dividers than they were like walls. They did not come close to meeting at the corners, so you could get in the space through wide openings in each of the corners.

I walked into this space and found it contained a huge bed. On the bed was bedspread that was a beautiful, deep, dark blue. Little tiny but bright lights, were all over and within the fabric of the bedspread.

I laid down on the bed. As I laid down, I sank down through the bedspread and into the bed. The bedspread became the night sky and the lights were stars. That meant that in my heavenly home, I could enjoy the most beautiful, starry night sky imaginable, any time I wanted to.

I drifted off to sleep. Going to sleep ended the vision.

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