Love Me Tender

.The mercies of God are truly immense. I have the freedom to ask for God’s wisdom for my daily life. I have personally experienced spiritual and emotional healing at an ever increasing depths. God has given the love and respect of friends and family and so much more.

I am certainly grateful for these enormous gifts. However, those gifts from God are so huge it’s almost impossible for me to wrap my head around them. That is why I love the tender mercies of God. Tender mercies seem smaller and more personal. They are little signposts along the way that touch me by helping me remember how nearby God is. I like to say I never have to pray God in from Chicago. She/He are always by my side.

I share at meetings a lot. Dozens of times while sharing I make some almost unintended remark that I had no intention of making. After the meeting there is often a fellow member of the group who had been deeply helped by that off the cuff remark. Most of the time that person remembers nothing of the rest of what I said. Sometimes I don’t even remember making that remark myself.

Last Sunday my meeting changed its meeting site to a room in a huge hospital. That hospital is The VA Medical Center that provides me my health care so of course I was familiar with the hospital in a general way. The new meeting room location was in a part of the hospital with which I was not familiar.

I searched the hospital asking questions everyone I met. It was on a Sunday so the normal daily staff was not there. I finally gave up and headed back to my car. As I was going out the main hospital door I saw a friend. She had a map of the facility with perfectly expressed directions. As we looking over the directions another friend walked in. Both of these women were wonderful friends of mine but the second woman had gone to the same meetings as me for many years.

We then found the meeting room together. I sat with the second woman. All the walking had left me with a very sore back. The second woman went and got me coffee. Later in the meeting she refilled my empty cup.

The reason I had come to this meeting was because I had gotten up out of bed with the blues. After the meeting I felt so cared for and appreciated.I felt like I lived in a wonderful world.

That was a tender mercy. Only a heavenly Father who knew me intimately would know how loved that would make me feel.

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