An Invitation To Be Holy

I don’t think I can deal with harmful activities because they are wrong or sinful. I think the law provokes sin as in Romans. Paul says to Timothy “All things are lawful but all things are not expedient’. I have never heard that verse preached on. God says be holy for I am holy. Surely that is not saying use you will power and be like me. It is saying I am holy so if you would like you can come near me because contact with me will make you like me. Same message as Romans teaches.

When Jesus wanted to wipe out holiness by self effort as the Pharisees he said it is not enough not to commit adultery physically it is a sin to imagine it in your mind. In other words, If you all are unable to quit physical adultery that is not enough . mentally counts too. So give up your futile attempts to be righteous by the law. Come to me and I will bring you to the The Fathers love.

In Galatians says the only law to bring forth into the church is take care of the poor and stay away from idols. In Timothy Paul says the law is only for the lawbreakers and then lists out the evils the law reveals. If all our righteousness is like mentrous cloth or else toilet paper then our most fervent efforts just stand in god.s way. The more closeness we have to god the better off we are.

For me scripture and fellowship are powerful ways to get close to God.

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