An Important Question

I have a favorite question I like to ask myself. I also like to ask other people this question.
The question came out of my efforts to learn to use my imagination in a positive way. Here is the question.

“Add 30 years to your age. It is your birthday. We are having a nice dinner to celebrate. You say to me, ‘The last 30 years have been really wonderful for me. All my dreams have come true.’
What would have to have happened in the next 30 years so you could describe those years as wonderful and years in which your dreams have come true?”

Here are some of my ideas for myself:

1. I am close to my kids and grandkids. Our relationships have consistently grown over the years.
2. I have maintained close and developing relationships with my friends.
3. I have learned to take great care of my body, so I am in good health.
4. My website has developed and has put me in contact with people from around the world.

I wrote this decades ago. I am satisfied with the the first 3 ideas but I really no longer want number four any more. 
I do not want to famous or known world anymore. If I wrote a book and it sold a million copies it would be a disaster for me. On the hand maybe having my Facebook friend satisfies number four in a way that serves me best,

I will probably add to and change this list as I as years go by
Any suggestions for me? Why don’t you comment below with your answer to the question?

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