Brotherhood of Mankind

The brotherhood of man has become a key idea in my social, psychological, political and economic viewpoint. I want to look at the concept of The Brotherhood of Man from the point of view of the New Testament

In Matthew’s gospel it quotes Jesus as saying “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”For a long time I have seen that verse as a rebuke to the Pharisees as if Jesus was saying only God is father so quit trying to take God’s role. I no longer think that. I think Jesus is talking to them in a tender and loving way without a rebuke anywhere involved.

Jesus was talking to them brother to brother. He was saying we are all  brothers because  we all have the same father. I don’t judge you I accept you as my brother. That would be an astonishing thing for him to say because Pharisees were bitter opponents of jesus but if God called them all sons then Jesus saw them as members of his family.

When I was President of Union Rescue Mission my way of running the mission seemed too radical for my Board of Directors. I was incensensed and outraged by the board’s opposition. I decided to go to my Pastor who by birth a German. He loved to call himself the German Shepherd. 

I told him about how upset I was at my board that I saw as pharisaical. I poured out my anger in as elegant and noble language as I could. Father Paul just listened until my emotion was drained. When I was done he smiled, looked me and said “I guess that makes you a Pharisee to the Pharisee’s” and walked off smiling.

The New Testament says “Don’t  judge even if your judgement is is right or maybe especially if you are right. As Paul says There is no difference Jew or Greek, male or female slave or free. We all are accepted by God just like we are. We have the ability, responsibility and command not to judge but to accept.

We are  not to judge people who are Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, pro life or women’s rights, my race or yours. my ethnicity or yours, communist or free man, educated or uneducated, wise or foolish, fat or thin, ugly or beautiful. We all have the same father, we all are siblings we all live in a universal brotherhood like it or not.We must never judge. We all called to always accept our fellow humans as our brothers.

Remember this statement. ” We hold this truth to be self evident that all men are created equal”.


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