Helped by Jesus

Today I had a Jesus object lesson. My wonderful little car stalled on me this morning while I was driving at about 35 MPH.When I stopped I began pushing it off the busy road I was on.

A middle aged Hispanic man stopped to help me move my car to a safe place.Then I used his phone to call for a tow. After about 20 minutes and after I called for a tow. It was going to take an hour for the tow truck to get there.

The guy helping me invited me to spend the time at his home which was just across the street. I needed to stay with my car so then he then suggested I try to start it again.

It started right up and I was able to drive myself and my big load of groceries home. Before I drove away I thanked him and told him I would see him again in Heaven.

At the end of our get together I asked him his Name. He said I am Jesus [Spanish pronunciation]. When my car stalled and needed help Jesus came to my rescue. That is the story of my life.


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