Good Hearts

A few days ago I was having a conversation  with a very close friend of mine. I was telling him that he was an extremely nice human being. I said ” If you set out to be mean you would have to practice in your head saying something mean for a year before you would be able to actually say it. Even then, I doubt you would be able to pull it off”.

He responded ” Oh George, you just don’t know my deep insides. I have the ability to be very mean. Mean thoughts pop into my head all the time”. I returned to him “Kevin,   even if you actually said something mean you would be not be expressing your heart you would be betraying your heart. People are good even if they are not living up to their hearts nature.

I drive so I am comfortable and at ease. I always go the speed limit but I feel I have that right. On this day I did not make a left turn until I felt safe and and secure. I could have darted out in front of an oncoming car and been safe. I felt I needed to respect my diminishing reflexes and reactions because of my age. I am 80 years old now.

When I finally made the turn the driver that was waiting for me to turn said “You f^^^ing  ass hole” in a screaming voice.

I said to myself “That man is really a good man but sadly, he is painfully betraying his own heart”. The hurt and anger in me  dissipated quickly which allowed me to to keep from betraying my own heart.

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