Minding [Yes Minding]

Mind Your Business…..The true meaning of the slogan”Mind your own business can be better understood if I change the wording a little bit. What if the saying was “Take care of your own business.” That change means the same as the original saying but it has a different slant.

One of the most surprising discoveries of my recovery was that I should actually take care of myself, I grew up with the understanding That JOY stood for Jesus first Others second and Yourself last, That ignores what Christ said ”Love your neighbor as yourself.” I am far more able to help others If God is at my center,I am surrounded by those I love and I am kind and loving as I meet others.

I certainly understand if I am focusing on my own health and not trying to run everyone else’s life I am I am in a healthier place.

I have learned that to most of us there are two ways of doing things. There is my way and the wrong way.

Since changing me is God’s business I need to learn to keep my nose out of God’s business [You] and to seek intimacy with God for myself.

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