Getting Goosed

Many years ago I was doing a wedding for a beautiful couple from a Church where I was preaching and my family was attending. The wedding was at a park with a lake near Whittier, California.The lake had a bunch of geese swimming around in it.
The couple wanted to have communion Protestant style. They had placed a big round loaf of bread on a table for communion. A big old goose spotted the bread and came right out of the water and aggressively and noisily up to the wedding site to get that bread.
Pity the woman that was trying to sing.The goose really wanted to steal that bread. Various people tried to shoe it away. It would back off but as soon as they were back in their seats he rushed up sounding off in a loud resentful voice.
I was going to have to do the wedding despite all the distraction. That sort of thing really raises the intensity of my prayer life. I so wanted the couple to have a happy memories of their wedding. Of course my daughters thought the whole thing was adventurous and funny.
A wonderful gentleman that was older and more experienced with animals knew what to do. He took a long strand of crepe paper that was being used for decorations and draped it around the goose’s neck. The goose must have thought the crepe paper was a snake because it immediately took off for the lake and got himself clear out in the middle of it.
I would love to shake that man’s hand again right now. He has gone to Heaven. He was such a gentleman. He often brought his family down to sing at the Mission. That is another great story I will write up soon.
It seems like to me that he was one of those people who always knew just what to do. What a memory. Can’t wait to see him again.

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