Loving Ways

I never say “In two weeks I want to revert back to all those fears, doubts and insecurities I had before I began working my program”. The heart of my program has always been attending my meetings several times a week. If I make a decision to let my program work go slack that is exactly what happens. Stinking thinking returns. My circumstance is dictating that I have to cut down my meetings. At a time like this I need other parts of my program to keep me emotionally stable.

Writing every day is really helping me. I use the program literature more.When I write I get warm response back to me from my FB friends. I am glad that love knows no boundaries of time and place. When you share with me I absorb your love and then pass it on. It seems to me that the “Pass it on chain” has the potential to be passed on clear around the world.

I have seen people I love grieving because all their efforts seem not to impact the situation they are in. That is an inaccurate perception. One writer defined faith as the ability to keep on doing what is right all the while realizing they will not see the impact of their loving ways in their lifetime still realizing in their heart that their loving ways will ultimately  bring the results for which they long.

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