A Frustrated Little Girl

I loved helping my girls through a problem. It was such a delight to me. I would drop anything I was doing to help out.

I often helped them with home work when they wanted it. My youngest JoAnna was in the 3rd grade. She was working on a math section that included written questions for the first time as I recall. She did not often need help so I jumped at the opportunity to be of service to her. She completed that section  she turned it in on time. We both knew she had done very well.

A few days later back  at school she was looking forward to a new math section. However, the teacher assigned her the same math section she had just completed. Jo  said “But I have already done that section”. Her teacher would not be persuaded the section was completed no matter how Jo argued. Finally the teacher  said “Do it or I will give you an F”.

Jo was very upset when I got home. I knew she had done the work. I was sure she could redo it a matter of two nights if she wanted to but I did not suggest it. We talked about it and she decided there was no way she was going to redo it. I agreed.  I was not concerned at all about an F.

In time it became  report card time. When I got home she nervously gave me her report card. The teacher has given her a D. I carefully looked it over trying for a little drama so she would remember my response. I finally began talking.

I said “Well an A is for alright!. B is for best. A C is cool, and a D is for Damn good.. The kids were very shocked. At that time I would never say a “Bad Word”. It wouldn’t be all that rare now.

In a moment we all started laughing. The crises was over. That evening we all did our rough house hour and read stories. I have not checked with her but I think that” D” is a source of pride to her now and it surely is for me.

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