God Is Love

No matter how much I think understand the depth of God’s love I am surprised that She/He loves me infinitely more.

It is exciting to be ever more loved than I thought.

God is never mad at me.

The more I bury myself in god’s love the more I can enjoy your love

Gravity, mass, centrifugal force and other physical properties are the same everywhere we look in the universe. I think there is another universally present force in the universe. It is love. The universe is a wonderful place to live.

There is no ladder or set of stairs for me to climb. I am absolutely loved as I write these l words

God loves me exactly the same on my worse day as she/he does on my best day.

I am absolutely powerless over God’s love. I can never able to decrease it or diminish it.

AS the NT says “In God there is no shadow of turning.

Any faith I have is a gift from God. Getting faith is not a case of doing the right thing. It is always increased by contact with God.

My love never makes me superior  to other people. In God’s love I am always aware of the wonder of grace as I consider my own problems.


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