Good Ideas

-The dependent and codependent life diseases are both deadly diseases. They cause a person to commit suicide one day at a time.

-Pity and sympathy were a love substitute for me when I was afraid I would never be loved.

-It is not OK for negative people to treat me the way they want to treat me. It is not OK for me to allow them to treat me the way which they want to treat me.

-I got sucked into ick over and over again.

-Surrendering is not giving up. It is asking for God’s help.

-Growing up, instead of feeling sad, we fought with each other.

-I should never ask if the other person is enjoying himself. I should love him and enjoy myself.

-God’s four letter word: W-A-I-T.

-I learned how to run for cover not how to comfort myself.

-I thought I was creating a fortress to keep me safe. Actually, I built a jail and imprisoned myself.


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